For a long time I wanted to come and visit the Royal Palace of Caserta for its world fame, in fact it is one of the 100 most visited monuments in the world and UNESCO heritage, but its 1200 rooms, 1742 windows, 47000 square meters of extension and a cost of construction amounting to a current amount of 300 billion euros, make it by far the most extensive royal residence in the world and is called the Italian Versailles, although to me it seems very simplistic. Another reason of curiosity to visit it derives from the fact that many famous films have been shot inside, including Star Wars in Episode I and Episode II, Angels and Demons, Mission Impossible.

At first glance it is devastating and the majestic term, which is initially ideally used to define it, is very limiting as you approach the entrance.

At the center of the structure, on the left in the central corridor opens the magnificent Staircase of Honor which leads to the upper peristyle, positioned exactly in the center of the structure. The huge room is illuminated by an enormous amount of light that enters from the four windows placed exactly between the four doors placed on the peristyle itself. The upper floor, called Piano Nobile, was intended for the Royal Family and includes such disparate rooms as the boardrooms, the Royal Apartments, the Palatine Library, the Picture Gallery and also the Bourbon Nativity. The eighteenth-century wing containing the Royal Apartments is adorned with beautiful Murano chandeliers, the walls of San Leucio silk and paintings by famous artists, decorated in Rococo style and with frescoes on the vaults.

Continuing with the visit to the Royal Park, descending from the Scalone d’Onore, you can see the access to the park that passes through a gigantic arcade, passing which, looking at the park in the distance as far as the eye can see, stands the monumental background waterfall placed at the end of the avenue at a distance of 3 km. The garden is divided into two parts, the Italian garden and the English garden, a first part with a large lawn surrounded by plants from every part of the planet divided by the avenue that leads up to the immense fountains, then the English garden , located to the right of the Diana and Atteone fountain, both powered by the 41 km long Carolino Aqueduct, built specifically to feed not only the beautiful pools but also the Pescheria Grande and the waterways of the entire park, including all the elements of the English garden such as the Lake of the Water Lilies, the waterfall and the Bath of Venus. The entirely constructed English garden is a splendid work of botanical architecture arranged on 24 hectares of land, with plants coming from all parts of the planet, with a series of elements, such as hills, canals, meadows, ponds and fountains, such as the labyrinth, the pond of the Water Lilies, the Bath of Venus with the Cryptoporticus, the Waterfall, up to the Apulia, all created by man, which make it a unique place of its kind.

The Royal Palace of Caserta is a must for anyone!

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coordinates: Viale Douhet, 2/a, 81100 Caserta CE

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