This afternoon, my lovely friend Pipa and I went to visit underground Naples. I tried in every way to bury him at a depth of 40 meters, but there was nothing to do !! In the end the guides have always managed to free him and destroy my glory plans !!

The guided tour was wonderful, and it is absolutely shocking to think that under a city like Naples, but certainly in other cities, under our feet there is a secret and abandoned world like this that I was lucky enough to visit!

The hypogeum gardens experiment is beautiful, where, far from all the manipulations of the conditions by man, such as acid rain, polluting fine dust, smog, harmful microorganisms, plants are constantly cultivated, in order to be able to make the independent man from a food point of view even in extreme situations.

Extremely suggestive is the walk in a very narrow tunnel, with very characteristic little lights, which led us to two beautiful water tanks, 30 meters deep. Two splendid gems set in the tuff.

The second part of the guided tour among the remains of a Roman theater above which the houses were built is very interesting, remains that can be reached thanks to the classic basses, or the houses of the first floors of the palaces of Naples.

If you don’t suffer from claustrophobia, but on my own even if you suffer from it, go and visit this unique and rare beauty!

It’s really worth it !!!

Thanks to @napolisotterranea

official website of Naples Underground Official Route: